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    A global survey 22 in the automation space

    A global survey 23 in the automation space

    Explained detailed with examples. Also for ...

    Understanding Data Warehouse automation

    Report of a Head of BICC from the financial ...

    From BI beginner to expert using AC. Read the ...

    Automated data warehouse with SAP source in a ...

    This presentation shows in short explanations the ...

    This presentation shows in short explanations the ...


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    Technical | Sep 14, 2022

    New connector for exporting data from data warehouse to many target systems

    With the latest version of AnalyticsCreator you are able to generate Azure Data Factory pipelines and also SSIS packages to export data from your...

    Data automationcorporate managementBI stack automation | Sep 13, 2022

    AnalyticsCreator and xax:

    Your partner for reliable full BI stack data automation for successful and well-founded corporate management A large number of data sources and the...

    AnouncementPower BIdwh automationdata vault | Aug 29, 2022

    The AnalyticsCreator Data Warehouse Automation Congress 2022! Everything about the automation space. Join Now!

    Ready for the AnalyticsCreator Congress 2022? Stay tuned ☺ Fourth year in the row AnalyticsCreator will host a number of partners and customers who...